Know When to Hold ‘Em

With Ohio passing a new gambling law on Tuesday 3 November and the legalizing marijuana in Breckinridge Colorado and in Maine and now the Governator wants to legalize pot in California to make up for revenue short falls, are we headed to a more ‘liberal’ approach to balancing budgets? Like taxing ‘sin.’ Is this just another statement of Nevada’s irrelevance? Maybe. Panaceas like gambling pay checks away with the promise of a fortune are becoming the norm. Not much difference between these new laws and the way we have been gambling away our money with the “Too Big To Fail” banks…What’s the answer here? comment please, because I am getting a headache.

On the down side, Maine voted down Gay marriage. Bummer. I can see how some would think that casinos would bring in the money and keep it intrastate, but I wonder. It is usually an out of state manager (like Bally’s) that run things. I guess it is taxes that really stay in the state. You and I both know that the “House” always has the edge.

In California, the Indian tribes have discovered how to stick it to those who broke treaties and created the “manifest destiny” type of genocide wrapped in the flag.
I guess they are doing OK. I have visited a few of them up and down the California coast and they seem to be filled with people, mostly older people.

Well it’s another day another election and another discussion point. Maybe it’s time to return to the barter system.

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