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Some YouTube Comments

From “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and from “Killkenny” videos I have done on YouTube
Below the newest video:

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Laramie Project

I went up to school to watch the “Laramie Project” performed by high school students. Normally plays produced and acted by high schoolers, especially a play based on a real life event are usually over acted. This play was the exception. The true-story events surrounding the murderof Matthew Shepard 10 years ago in Wyoming (outside of Laramie) was a seminal moment in gay-rights history.



The play itself is based on comments and testimony by the participants in the murder as well as the townsfolk. There are many scenes in the play which could have been caricatures of the real events, but the kids pulled it off without a hitch and with the needed emotion without going over the top. What came out of the 3 hour production was an understanding of the issues from several sides including the ‘Christian’ freaks from Topeka Kansas (Westboro Baptist Church).

Kudos to St. Ignatius College Prep performing arts for a dandy show, difficult to put on yet seamlessly believable.

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Know When to Hold ‘Em

With Ohio passing a new gambling law on Tuesday 3 November and the legalizing marijuana in Breckinridge Colorado and in Maine and now the Governator wants to legalize pot in California to make up for revenue short falls, are we headed to a more ‘liberal’ approach to balancing budgets? Like taxing ‘sin.’ Is this just another statement of Nevada’s irrelevance? Maybe. Panaceas like gambling pay checks away with the promise of a fortune are becoming the norm. Not much difference between these new laws and the way we have been gambling away our money with the “Too Big To Fail” banks…What’s the answer here? comment please, because I am getting a headache.

On the down side, Maine voted down Gay marriage. Bummer. I can see how some would think that casinos would bring in the money and keep it intrastate, but I wonder. It is usually an out of state manager (like Bally’s) that run things. I guess it is taxes that really stay in the state. You and I both know that the “House” always has the edge.

In California, the Indian tribes have discovered how to stick it to those who broke treaties and created the “manifest destiny” type of genocide wrapped in the flag.
I guess they are doing OK. I have visited a few of them up and down the California coast and they seem to be filled with people, mostly older people.

Well it’s another day another election and another discussion point. Maybe it’s time to return to the barter system.

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Beginning the 9th Year

What will be different in Afghanistan this year and going forward? What will we have learned from the example of “Charlie Wilson’s War”? Is it worth the effort now to pursue a hundred or so Al Qaeda at the expense of American lives and treasure? Or is there a better way forward, one that involves reconciliation and infrastructure repair and targeted aid?
After the “fools adventure” into Iraq which took our eye off the ball in the mountains of Afghanistan, we have tread very close to following in the footsteps of the Russians of recent history to Alexander the Great in ancient history. This “war” is un-win-able in conventional terms. It is best we pull almost all of our troops out of the land that refuses to be defeated. We endorsed a corrupt government who’s President stole an election he was bound to win in the first place. History proves over and over again, that this foray into Afghanistan will no turn out well the way it is going. And General McKrystal (“McKrystal was the main man in the cover up of the death of Pat Tillman. I don’t think too highly of McKrystal. Read “Where Men Win Glory” by Jon Krakauer. Excellent book about Tillman. Krakauer is an excellent author who does a lot of research for his books. I am learning a lot about the history of Afghanistan.” – Helen Wheels), thinks we can win. That’s what General’s are supposed to say aren’t they? But what do I know?
Nine years on and no Bin Laden. The Taliban are locals and fiercely nationalistic about their country. Al Qaeda is international with no country loyalty.
A history of this ancient nation needs to be studied before more troops are assigned that region.

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First Day of School

It’s a little bit weird sitting here at 8.15 in the morning on the Friday of the first day of school. By now, I would have been showered, coffeed and in my classroom on the second floor of the 3 story school building.
I would be organizing my seating chart and have my Keynote ready with my Question of the Day.
This morning, tho, I am watching MSNBC yak on about this and that, from Danny in the Pacific a hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm and how disappointed the weather guy sounds because there is no drama.
It is such a beautiful day here in Pacifica, warm and sunny, the beach right over there and the few surfers waiting for the “perfect” wave that really never comes. This is truly the first day of my retirement and I don’t know what to do. I should be away. I am though, going to visit Sarah on Monday in Portland and that will be a good distraction. Hopefully by the time I return to the Bay Area, the feelings of loss about something that has been such a part of my life for nearly 40 years will have mellowed.
I have to move on and do actually look forward to it.
And so it goes…

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